One laptop per student

Someone is finally taking the initaive. Thailand’s Prime Minister announced on 08/13/2006 is to provide a laptop to every single elementary school child. The laptops will be provided by ‘One Laptop per Child’. 30 are to arrive in october and in November 500 more are slated to arrive to Thailand and distributred to students. They say that if this project is completed every single elementary school child will have a laptop. You know the great thing? They will run Linux. Whats better than exposing all those kids to linux? The laptops will run on flash drives not HDD. Which is fine but then these laptop will have extremely limited space. It would be great if it works. I personally think this is just propoganda.


2 Responses to “One laptop per student”

  1. wayan Says:

    While the general concept is great – giving Linux laptops to students – unfortunately, I don’t see the government of Thailand doing it in addition to books, classrooms, and teachers, but in lieu of them. Note the PM’s “laptops not books” remark.

    By my calculations, there is a $100,000 difference between books and laptops for the 530 students involved.
    $100K would go a long way towards trained teachers who would be more valuable than any laptop in exciting a child’s mind

  2. Bill Clinton Says:

    They should contact the best source to help which is

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