Skype, Google Talk, and yes AIM

I finally bought a microphone today to use with VoIP and internet chat. Well i have to say that I am reall impressed with the simplicity of talking over the internet. Skype is by far my favorite service it works much better then AIM talk and a little better than google talk. Google talk is my runner up because it is so easy to call people and chat with them and share files at the same time. In third place is AIM talk not because of its how it sounds (horrible), but because of its widespread use in America. So if you want a profesional grade free VoIP solution capable of calling realphones use Skype. If you want to just chat with buddies get them all on GTalk. And if you are lazy or your buddies wont switch use AIM.

Skype (

GTalk (

AIM (uhh….

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