Time to ditch Office for Web Office

oh office how great you were 6 years ago. Well its time to upgrade no matter what you think! But not to Office 2003. But to one of the many other (sometimes much better) alternitives to MSFT Office. Here they are:

1. Writely/Spreadsheets

Writely is google’s online text editor. It has all the features of a normal office app but it is on the web so you can access it from anywhere! Spreadsheets is google’s online Spreadsheet app. It has most of the features of Office 2003 Excel except the more advanced ones. Spreadsheets also offers sharing so more than one person can edit it.



2. ajax (office)

AJAXwrite is a MSFT WordPad like app. All though it may not have the gizmos that that Writely has it has a whole office that works with it including ajaxsketch, eyespot, ajaxXLS, ajaxtunes, and ajaxOS.


3. gOffice

gOffice is another full online suite. It has an Office 03 like word processor, desktop publishing, and spreadsheets apps. It has one more app that is a big big BIG plus. Online presentation software. So if you about to make you pitch to a VC and forgot to bring the Presentation it doesnt matter (so long as the computer has an internet connection).


4. ThinkFree

ThinkFree is just like gOffice but it has a big plus. It has Microsoft compatible software. So you can migrate to it very easily. It includes Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and it lets you edit existing files that are on your desktop. It also comes with a whole gig of free storage.


Thats it with the free office review from teche.wordpress.com

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