Google Office 2006

Just kidding. But google is launching its first part of its new suite called Google Apps for your domain. These apps include GMail, Calander, Google Talk, and Page Creator. With GMail it will let you use the GMail system and interface but it will be under your domain name. Like usual the apps will be free. And ad supported. What I cant figure out is how they are going to put ads in Google Talk. Or mayebe they wont.
Google may also add Writely and Spreadsheets to the suite later. All these being free to the user might pose a real threat(finally) to Microsoft’s monopoly on Office applications. Or it might not. Google has a history of throwing ideas out there and following up on them. But then again I find myself using Google Talk and GMail everyday.


A problem. There are many online office suites out there. Some of these already have a large user base(or at least a user base) such as ThinkFree and gOffice. But another competitor that poses the real threat to Google Office is Office Live that will be intergrated into Office 2007 or Office ’12’. It really all depends on how loyal people are to their M$FT applications.

Go and get

Google Apps for your Domain


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