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TechMeme: The anti-digg

September 25, 2006

 TechMeme is a completely automated site that aggregates the popular stories bloggers are talking about. The only human interaction with TechMeme is the people blogged about it. TechMeme is a tech focused site(thus the name) and it is one of the more interesting web2.0 sites around. TechMeme has come up with a revolutionary way to advertise. RSS. The advertiser gives an RSS link and it shows up on the site and if the advertiser wants to change the content it just changes the adress.


BMW’s Hybrid Hydrogen car

September 23, 2006

BMW has been testing hydrogen cars for a long time now and they have decided they liked one and they are going to make 100 of them and give the away.  It will use a mix of gas and hydrogen. Good Right? No, did we mention that this hybrid car is burning the hydrogen. Dont we remember the Hindenberg? Hydrogen is very very flameable. And theres no where to buy hydrogen. Well good job BMW making a completely useless(but sort of cool) car.

AROS: Amiga Reasearch Operating System

September 21, 2006

I dont know if anyone reading this has ever used AmigaOS. But most of you should know that Amiga OS is for the most part dead. The last release was amiga os4. Well there is a new alternitive. It is called Amiga Research Operating System. Or AROS for short. It is the only true hope for Amiga. AROS is right now where AmigaOS 3.1 was. But it is being rapidly developed by the Amiga Loyal. Of course they are apparently not loyal to Amiga inc. It has many applications and is compatible with some of the Aminet apps and has its own new archive at If anyone is interested in AROS go to and install it in one of the many possible ways. For support you can got to I encourage everyone to try AROS if they have the time! 

One language to rule them all: Lua

September 20, 2006

Im have never been big on programming, a little JavaScript here some python there, but this has really got me back into the programming groove. Lua. Lua is a relativly new language that is being used mostly has a add-on language for modding, but it is as powerful ,if not more powerful, as python. It has a nice and rapidly growing community and is extremely easy to pick up for both experianced programmers and newbies alike. I encourage everyone to try it.

Lua Homepage


Lua Users

Zopa: The money MySpace

September 20, 2006

Zopa is a peer to peer money sharing service. It requires no paperwork! Its has been in the UK for a while now but it is finally coming to the US. I personally think that this is a great idea and it could work very well in the US. Im just not so sure about how well it will protect people from scams and hackers. This has better have a whole lotta security measures!



Im sry posting has been slow lately. I will be posting much more often now or at least trying to!:)

Ark Linux

September 10, 2006

sry about the delay 🙂


Ark Linux is a powerful desktop operating system (that I run) and is perfect for people who have never used linux before to those who have been using linux since well forever. It is extremely easy to customize and is extremily versatile. It run on pretty much any x86 cpu (ive got it on a Pentium 1). Big plus: If your installing it on a non-internet connected machine it comes with almost every app youd need!

Download it

Google News 200 years worth

September 6, 2006

Google News has indexed 200 years worth of news! It’s sources include New York times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Time, Factiva, Lexis-Nexis, Guardian Unlimited, Thomas Gale, and HighBeam Research. Google is paying for access for some of the sources. There will be no ads on the search results page (well thats new for google). You can even get a timeline out of the search. To use this new service of googles go to chat

September 5, 2006

Geesee is a adress free chat room for your website. It is sort of like MeeboMe but is organized by tags and access to blogs. It is currently in beta (like everything else) and is to launch by the end of this year. What geesee does is allow sites to put a widget on their page and through that the people on the page can chat with other people from other sites with the same tag(s). How geesee would be used is senario: Say some one goes to a website and wants to buy a new laptop. That website could have a geesee widget and that would allow people to chat with people on that same website. Or they could chat with with people on other sites that have the same tag. It seems like a great idea. I hope it will take off.

Browzar-adware in a shell

September 2, 2006

When Browzar was launched earlier this week it was a ‘safe’ browser that kept thing anonymous. There is no cache and no history which they claim are features. In fact Browzar is just an IE shell with an interesting name. Why does everyone  seem to hate it? Because it is full of ad-ware. It goes to extreme lengths to try to get the user to click on Overture ads, it doesn’t even let users change the search function or homepage. Some of the users complain the URL auto comlete is redirecting them to the ad filled homepage. It claims no spyware but says nothing about adware. If all of this doesn’t detter you from Browzar go ahead and download it

myTunes = no DRMed tunes

September 2, 2006

 Goodbye DRM hello long days typing in track locations. myTunes strips the DRM off of FairPlay tracks just like QTFairUse, it’s just much easier to use. It is based on the QTFairUse python code, so these people are working with each other, to bad apple and MSFT cant work together. The tool makes it easy but there is still a lot of work to be done. Just the latest chapter in the arms race between reording labels and the world.