Stolen from Microsoft?

Garry Wiseman wrote a blog post today critizing Sina a large chinese search engine for stealing it’s interface. The post highlights the interface and graphics of Sina’ classified system that seems to be stolen. Here is the post: steals our design and graphics

“We were recently made aware (thanks to a comment on our blog by Phillipe) of a new classifieds site in China that had not only lifted our previous user interface’s look & feel, but also directly copied some of our graphics (note the cool pushpin graphic that our designer Becky created). The shocking thing is that the website in question is owned by one of China’s largest search engines called Couldn’t they afford to hire a designer?”

“Anyway, take a look for yourself at the images I’ve attached to this blog entry. Alternatively, check out the screenshots of our previous UI and then visit:

“Let’s just say that I’m looking forward to our China launch..”

“- Garry”


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