AROS: Amiga Reasearch Operating System

I dont know if anyone reading this has ever used AmigaOS. But most of you should know that Amiga OS is for the most part dead. The last release was amiga os4. Well there is a new alternitive. It is called Amiga Research Operating System. Or AROS for short. It is the only true hope for Amiga. AROS is right now where AmigaOS 3.1 was. But it is being rapidly developed by the Amiga Loyal. Of course they are apparently not loyal to Amiga inc. It has many applications and is compatible with some of the Aminet apps and has its own new archive at If anyone is interested in AROS go to and install it in one of the many possible ways. For support you can got to I encourage everyone to try AROS if they have the time! 


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