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myTunes = no DRMed tunes

September 2, 2006

 Goodbye DRM hello long days typing in track locations. myTunes strips the DRM off of FairPlay tracks just like QTFairUse, it’s just much easier to use. It is based on the QTFairUse python code, so these people are working with each other, to bad apple and MSFT cant work together. The tool makes it easy but there is still a lot of work to be done. Just the latest chapter in the arms race between reording labels and the world.



Will it be coming zune?

August 27, 2006

On friday Microsoft anounced that Toshiba will be manufacturing its new ‘ipod-killer’ Zune. The Zune will have a 3 LCD display, Wi-fi support(which may not even let you download music), and a 30 gigabyte hard drive. 30 gigabytes? Microsoft must be joking because no one is gonig to buy a 30 gig Microsoft player over a 60 gig Apple player. Well they might if Microsoft has a lot more features then it lets on. But otherwise its just another one tring to dethrone Apple.

Apple Ipod Gen 6

August 24, 2006

What a wonderful season. Ipod season! Will steve jobs release a new version of the Ipod?What will it be? Will it be as exiting as the last five?

So many questions. So many ifs. So many so manies. Apple has been releasing new versions of the ipod every year. So what will this years be? Well it could be a more powerful nano(more storage) or an Ipod phone. Everyones been predicting an IPod Phone or IPhone for a few years now. And every year we were certain it was that year. Well with any luck it is this year. But I could also use a nano with 60 gigs. Or the other possibility. Will Apple release a new Ipod at all. Lets hope not.

Iphone(fingers crossed)