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Windows Live Writer

August 28, 2006

I  recently tried Windows Live Writer again. This time around it was much easier to use and much more effecient. It supports most blogging sites and it supports categories. A big plus since many desktop blogging applications don,t. 

The Live Writer interface looks great. Reminds me of Office 2003. The categories drop down is on the top right hand corner. It also has lets you insert images easily. With no need of HTML. But it does let you use HTML. It also has intergration with Windows Live Local so you can insert a map.

All in all Windows live writer looks great and I will continue to use it along side of Perfomancing Firefox. And anyone who has a blog out there I urge you to relinguish your hate of Microsoft and try Live Writer.



August 24, 2006

Congrats podcasts! Now 6 percent of web users listen to podcasts. Listen to a few? None? Here’s some good ones:

Buzz Out Lound (CNET’s podcast of indeterminate length)
Twit (This Week In Tech) has many other podcasts on its network such as macbreack but Twit is the premiere show. (Digital life)

Podcast, Blog, Vlog, what the hell?

August 15, 2006

If/when this blog gets off the ground I’d like to start a podcast. Now here’s something for everyone to think about: What is a Vlog? I mean everyone is saying ‘oh lets start a vlog a video podcast the newest thing’ well theres been video on the web for years does that make it a Vlog?