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Ark Linux

September 10, 2006

sry about the delay 🙂


Ark Linux is a powerful desktop operating system (that I run) and is perfect for people who have never used linux before to those who have been using linux since well forever. It is extremely easy to customize and is extremily versatile. It run on pretty much any x86 cpu (ive got it on a Pentium 1). Big plus: If your installing it on a non-internet connected machine it comes with almost every app youd need!

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Some good linux apps

August 27, 2006

Here is a list of major linux apps. Enjoy!

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AMD why!!!!!

August 26, 2006

Reasearches of Symantec discovered a virus that specificly attacks AMD built chips. The there are two of them. One attacks 32 bit chips and the other attacks 64bit chips. This means that Linux and mac could lose their imunity to attacks. Good news for microsoft bad news for world. These are proff of concept virus and thus wont be much of a threat. Or aren’t yet.

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