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Zopa: The money MySpace

September 20, 2006

Zopa is a peer to peer money sharing service. It requires no paperwork! Its has been in the UK for a while now but it is finally coming to the US. I personally think that this is a great idea and it could work very well in the US. Im just not so sure about how well it will protect people from scams and hackers. This has better have a whole lotta security measures!



Im sry posting has been slow lately. I will be posting much more often now or at least trying to!:)


Browzar-adware in a shell

September 2, 2006

When Browzar was launched earlier this week it was a ‘safe’ browser that kept thing anonymous. There is no cache and no history which they claim are features. In fact Browzar is just an IE shell with an interesting name. Why does everyone  seem to hate it? Because it is full of ad-ware. It goes to extreme lengths to try to get the user to click on Overture ads, it doesn’t even let users change the search function or homepage. Some of the users complain the URL auto comlete is redirecting them to the ad filled homepage. It claims no spyware but says nothing about adware. If all of this doesn’t detter you from Browzar go ahead and download it

myTunes = no DRMed tunes

September 2, 2006

 Goodbye DRM hello long days typing in track locations. myTunes strips the DRM off of FairPlay tracks just like QTFairUse, it’s just much easier to use. It is based on the QTFairUse python code, so these people are working with each other, to bad apple and MSFT cant work together. The tool makes it easy but there is still a lot of work to be done. Just the latest chapter in the arms race between reording labels and the world.


The Swedish Pirate Party DarkNet

August 14, 2006

With the RIAA and the MPAA suing the shit out of every poor person who shares something they bought or downloads a piece of music from LimeWire or BitTorrent, the Swedish Pirate Party has taken action(again). They have created a commercial DarkNet or a network were you can download and share files and never be monitored or logged by any government. The Pirate Party say that if the government can check on what everybody is doing there is no way to keep the government in check. The service is provided by Relakks a swedish high-tech company. Relakks provides you a neutral IP adress atop your current ISP. The funny thing is the service is not free. It is five euros/month.

I personally am against piracy but for shared files(that does make sense…right?). I want the files like music and Video to be shared but the sharing to be backed by the big corporations who own the copyright. Mass sharing equals broad exposure. Built in adds like there was in Fantastic Four would be simple ways to make money distbuting the files freely. Thus the need for a DarkNet would be no more.