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Zopa: The money MySpace

September 20, 2006

Zopa is a peer to peer money sharing service. It requires no paperwork! Its has been in the UK for a while now but it is finally coming to the US. I personally think that this is a great idea and it could work very well in the US. Im just not so sure about how well it will protect people from scams and hackers. This has better have a whole lotta security measures!



Im sry posting has been slow lately. I will be posting much more often now or at least trying to!:)


Google News 200 years worth

September 6, 2006

Google News has indexed 200 years worth of news! It’s sources include New York times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Time, Factiva, Lexis-Nexis, Guardian Unlimited, Thomas Gale, and HighBeam Research. Google is paying for access for some of the sources. There will be no ads on the search results page (well thats new for google). You can even get a timeline out of the search. To use this new service of googles go to

Browzar-adware in a shell

September 2, 2006

When Browzar was launched earlier this week it was a ‘safe’ browser that kept thing anonymous. There is no cache and no history which they claim are features. In fact Browzar is just an IE shell with an interesting name. Why does everyone  seem to hate it? Because it is full of ad-ware. It goes to extreme lengths to try to get the user to click on Overture ads, it doesn’t even let users change the search function or homepage. Some of the users complain the URL auto comlete is redirecting them to the ad filled homepage. It claims no spyware but says nothing about adware. If all of this doesn’t detter you from Browzar go ahead and download it

Image Labeler

September 1, 2006

Google Image Labeler is an atempt by google to make image search more people oriented(meaning a bot doesnt decide a human does). And to save money by having the public do it.

What it does is take two random people and they tag pictures. If two people get the same tag google tags that picture with the tag that the two users came up with. It seems pretty cool, but not very web 2.0 like. Now lets see who actually uses it.


September 1, 2006

CSTV is a new network of IPTV channels run by CBS. It has over 100 channels and over 10,000 different events. You can watch live events as well. Well this is good free IPTV that anyone with bandwidth could get. It shows only college events. But mayebe someday they will show pro events. But for now good job CSTV.

Stolen from Microsoft?

September 1, 2006

Garry Wiseman wrote a blog post today critizing Sina a large chinese search engine for stealing it’s interface. The post highlights the interface and graphics of Sina’ classified system that seems to be stolen. Here is the post: steals our design and graphics

“We were recently made aware (thanks to a comment on our blog by Phillipe) of a new classifieds site in China that had not only lifted our previous user interface’s look & feel, but also directly copied some of our graphics (note the cool pushpin graphic that our designer Becky created). The shocking thing is that the website in question is owned by one of China’s largest search engines called Couldn’t they afford to hire a designer?”

“Anyway, take a look for yourself at the images I’ve attached to this blog entry. Alternatively, check out the screenshots of our previous UI and then visit:

“Let’s just say that I’m looking forward to our China launch..”

“- Garry”

Live QnA opens up today

August 29, 2006

Windows Live QnA like Yahoo! answers is a service that let’s you ask a question and let’s the community answer for free(or fee if your google). And it was launched today! in public beta. It has a very nice interface and it is more streamlined and much more streamlined then Yahoo! Answers. Like all community driven products it needs a community(da!) to make it useful. Once it has a real community it could take off. The only downside is the Microsoft brand name that could possibly hold the whole Live product line back. Although and the whole array of Live services has really beat my expectations. Mayebe they have a chance but we’ll see how long Microsoft’s attention span lasts!

Zoho Office

August 28, 2006

Zoho is probly the most complete online office I have found. It comes complete with:

Zoho Show:

Zoho’s presentation software

Zoho Writer:

A web word application. It includes collaboration

Zoho Sheet:

A web based spreadsheet application

Zoho Virtual Office:

A suite including documents, calander, and email apps

There is also CRM, Creator, Planner, Chat, and Polls. Zoho offers 24×7 a website monitoring service and thandora a tag based yellow pages. Zoho has one more very interesting app: Challenge, a way to evaluate canadites online.

All in all Zoho is furthest along in creating the most complete online office suite.

Heres the downside to Zoho. Every single app seems like it was indepently built.

Google Office 2006

August 28, 2006

Just kidding. But google is launching its first part of its new suite called Google Apps for your domain. These apps include GMail, Calander, Google Talk, and Page Creator. With GMail it will let you use the GMail system and interface but it will be under your domain name. Like usual the apps will be free. And ad supported. What I cant figure out is how they are going to put ads in Google Talk. Or mayebe they wont.
Google may also add Writely and Spreadsheets to the suite later. All these being free to the user might pose a real threat(finally) to Microsoft’s monopoly on Office applications. Or it might not. Google has a history of throwing ideas out there and following up on them. But then again I find myself using Google Talk and GMail everyday.


A problem. There are many online office suites out there. Some of these already have a large user base(or at least a user base) such as ThinkFree and gOffice. But another competitor that poses the real threat to Google Office is Office Live that will be intergrated into Office 2007 or Office ’12’. It really all depends on how loyal people are to their M$FT applications.

Go and get

Google Apps for your Domain

Time to ditch Office for Web Office

August 27, 2006

oh office how great you were 6 years ago. Well its time to upgrade no matter what you think! But not to Office 2003. But to one of the many other (sometimes much better) alternitives to MSFT Office. Here they are:

1. Writely/Spreadsheets

Writely is google’s online text editor. It has all the features of a normal office app but it is on the web so you can access it from anywhere! Spreadsheets is google’s online Spreadsheet app. It has most of the features of Office 2003 Excel except the more advanced ones. Spreadsheets also offers sharing so more than one person can edit it.

2. ajax (office)

AJAXwrite is a MSFT WordPad like app. All though it may not have the gizmos that that Writely has it has a whole office that works with it including ajaxsketch, eyespot, ajaxXLS, ajaxtunes, and ajaxOS.

3. gOffice

gOffice is another full online suite. It has an Office 03 like word processor, desktop publishing, and spreadsheets apps. It has one more app that is a big big BIG plus. Online presentation software. So if you about to make you pitch to a VC and forgot to bring the Presentation it doesnt matter (so long as the computer has an internet connection).

4. ThinkFree

ThinkFree is just like gOffice but it has a big plus. It has Microsoft compatible software. So you can migrate to it very easily. It includes Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and it lets you edit existing files that are on your desktop. It also comes with a whole gig of free storage.

Thats it with the free office review from

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