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Browzar-adware in a shell

September 2, 2006

When Browzar was launched earlier this week it was a ‘safe’ browser that kept thing anonymous. There is no cache and no history which they claim are features. In fact Browzar is just an IE shell with an interesting name. Why does everyone  seem to hate it? Because it is full of ad-ware. It goes to extreme lengths to try to get the user to click on Overture ads, it doesn’t even let users change the search function or homepage. Some of the users complain the URL auto comlete is redirecting them to the ad filled homepage. It claims no spyware but says nothing about adware. If all of this doesn’t detter you from Browzar go ahead and download it


myTunes = no DRMed tunes

September 2, 2006

 Goodbye DRM hello long days typing in track locations. myTunes strips the DRM off of FairPlay tracks just like QTFairUse, it’s just much easier to use. It is based on the QTFairUse python code, so these people are working with each other, to bad apple and MSFT cant work together. The tool makes it easy but there is still a lot of work to be done. Just the latest chapter in the arms race between reording labels and the world.


Stolen from Microsoft?

September 1, 2006

Garry Wiseman wrote a blog post today critizing Sina a large chinese search engine for stealing it’s interface. The post highlights the interface and graphics of Sina’ classified system that seems to be stolen. Here is the post: steals our design and graphics

“We were recently made aware (thanks to a comment on our blog by Phillipe) of a new classifieds site in China that had not only lifted our previous user interface’s look & feel, but also directly copied some of our graphics (note the cool pushpin graphic that our designer Becky created). The shocking thing is that the website in question is owned by one of China’s largest search engines called Couldn’t they afford to hire a designer?”

“Anyway, take a look for yourself at the images I’ve attached to this blog entry. Alternatively, check out the screenshots of our previous UI and then visit:

“Let’s just say that I’m looking forward to our China launch..”

“- Garry”

Live QnA opens up today

August 29, 2006

Windows Live QnA like Yahoo! answers is a service that let’s you ask a question and let’s the community answer for free(or fee if your google). And it was launched today! in public beta. It has a very nice interface and it is more streamlined and much more streamlined then Yahoo! Answers. Like all community driven products it needs a community(da!) to make it useful. Once it has a real community it could take off. The only downside is the Microsoft brand name that could possibly hold the whole Live product line back. Although and the whole array of Live services has really beat my expectations. Mayebe they have a chance but we’ll see how long Microsoft’s attention span lasts!

Leaked Vista Prices

August 29, 2006

Microsoft Canada retail pricing page has the prices of the different versions of Vista with their SKUs. It was taken down immediately but the news was already out. Well someone’s getting fired!

Vista (without formerly owning XP)

  • Ultimate $450
  • Business $341
  • Home Premium $269
  • Home Basic $233

Upgrade (from XP) 

  • Ultimate $269
  • Business $224
  • Home Premium $179
  • Home Basic $116

These are AVERAGE prices and may be changed when Vista is released. 450 dollars for an OS that’s insane! We’ll I’ll just wait for KDE and Fedora to catch up. Or I’ll just buy a Mac!

The prices were found on ZDnet

And the average prices from Gizmodo

Vista almost ready for RC

August 28, 2006

Last week one of Microsofts Build Team’s member announced on his blog that Vista is almost ready for RC-1. It even has its Build #. So Vista RC-1 should be almost ready for release. Rumor is that Vista RC-1 will be widely distributed and will be capable of everday use unlike the last version of Vista. Here part of the blog:

“We are pleased to announce the release of Pre-RC1 build 5536.16385!” reads the announcement from the build team. “This build represents significant progress incorporating your Beta 2 and 5472 feedback.”

“We have made a lot of progress since Beta 2 and 5472, and we think you will notice the quality improvements that we’ve been seeing in the daily builds.”

Good luck Vista. Lets only hope that it is not like beta 2 and doesn’t get delayed!

Windows Live Writer

August 28, 2006

I  recently tried Windows Live Writer again. This time around it was much easier to use and much more effecient. It supports most blogging sites and it supports categories. A big plus since many desktop blogging applications don,t. 

The Live Writer interface looks great. Reminds me of Office 2003. The categories drop down is on the top right hand corner. It also has lets you insert images easily. With no need of HTML. But it does let you use HTML. It also has intergration with Windows Live Local so you can insert a map.

All in all Windows live writer looks great and I will continue to use it along side of Perfomancing Firefox. And anyone who has a blog out there I urge you to relinguish your hate of Microsoft and try Live Writer.

Will it be coming zune?

August 27, 2006

On friday Microsoft anounced that Toshiba will be manufacturing its new ‘ipod-killer’ Zune. The Zune will have a 3 LCD display, Wi-fi support(which may not even let you download music), and a 30 gigabyte hard drive. 30 gigabytes? Microsoft must be joking because no one is gonig to buy a 30 gig Microsoft player over a 60 gig Apple player. Well they might if Microsoft has a lot more features then it lets on. But otherwise its just another one tring to dethrone Apple.

AMD why!!!!!

August 26, 2006

Reasearches of Symantec discovered a virus that specificly attacks AMD built chips. The there are two of them. One attacks 32 bit chips and the other attacks 64bit chips. This means that Linux and mac could lose their imunity to attacks. Good news for microsoft bad news for world. These are proff of concept virus and thus wont be much of a threat. Or aren’t yet.

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Patch for patch now we know…

August 26, 2006

…IE is in trouble. Weve known for a while but on agust 24, 2006 microsoft released a patch for a previous patch. The patch crahed IE so they had to release a patch to unpatch the last patch. All the more reason to use FireFox or Opera. But mostly FireFox!

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